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    We believe everyone was born with a creative gift. The problem is that we sometime lose touch with things we love to do as we grow into adulthood.

    Jess McKenzie is a self-taught graphic and web designer who spent years working in corporate offices to make ends meet before realizing how far she had grown out of touch with her love for art.

    While living downtown Detroit in 2016, she decided it was time to reconnect with her passion and inspire other artists to pursue what they love. This is what led her to launch The Creative Armory, LLC in 2017.

    Designers need a way to build a creative tribe and stay current with art related news and events. The Creative Armory is an ever-growing hub for design resources, music, and interviews from creative entrepreneurs.

    In 2019, McKenzie launched the 'Stand in Your Power Brand' (TM) to encourage women everywhere to never back down from their dreams, and to always celebrate their true potential and inner strength.